Let’s Reflect and Write


During sixth grade, I have been blogging with my Grammar class. I have learned how important self expression through writing and interaction with overseas students is.


My I am post, for instance, uses the landscape, objects and sounds to represent my character and style. A similar method of writing is demonstrated in my Where I am from post as well.

I also met other students by participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, a blogging competition. Miss W., the creator of the challenge, encourages interaction with blogs outside of the classroom.


In all of the time I have spent blogging, I have noticed one distracting, reoccurring problem on multiple blogs: widgets.

Many widgets I have seen used are useful to visitors, like a calendar or a map that counts the vistors that have gone there. On the other hand, many widgets can distract the readers from the actual writing on the blog.

Week 10 – An Interview…Sort of

Question: How many posts did you write?

Answer: I have written 11 posts since March 2012.


Question: How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Answer: All of my posts are school based and nine of them were set by the Student Blogging Challenge.


Question: How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

Answer: I have received nine comments from classmates, one comment from teachers and ten comments from overseas students.


Question: Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

Answer: My Recommended Blogs post received the most comments. Other students probably commented on my post because I had commented on their blogs before that.


Question: Which post did you enjoy writing most and why?

Answer: I enjoyed writing my Week 4 – Spread the Word post the most.


Question: How many overseas students do you have on your blog?

Answer: I have seven overseas students on my blog.

Week 9 – Three of Each

In week 9 of the Student Blogging Challenge, Miss W.‘s post, Week 9: Count out Three, tells of a game in which the students participating in the challenge visit one blog, read a post and leave a comment on the post. This is repeated until they have visited three blogs, read three posts and left three comments.

But, like in any game, there are rules:

For example, each time you visit another blog, locate the links to other blogs and visit one. Make sure that the blog selected has links as well. For the first blog you visit, select one from your own list of links.

The first blog I visited was Angie’s blog. I visited her About page and left her a comment:

The second blog I visited was Lucy’s blog. I visited her I’m starting a blog club! post and left her a comment:

The third blog I visited was Laura’s blog. I visited her ABOUT ME! page and left her a comment:

I really enjoyed visiting these blogs and I hope you enjoy them, too! 🙂

Week 8 – Wisdom Gained from Life

During week 8 of the Student Blogging Challenge, Miss W.’s Week 8: Game preparation post states that this week is time to begin preparing for the Student Blogging Challenge competition.

In my life, I have gained wisdom from the lessons I have learned. For example, when I was young, I caught a scaly, dirt-colored lizard and placed it in a dry fish tank. I asked my mother if I could keep it overnight.

Obviously, (I knew she would!) she said no. I tried let it go, but I couldn’t just leave it out there. So, I decided to take care of it until morning without notifying my mother. I told her that I had let it go.

When the sun came out of hiding, I told my mother that the lizard was still in the tank. She scolded me and ordered that I release it at once.

During that point in my life, I felt guilt, even though the lie I told was small. From then on, I never wanted to lie again. Ever.

Of course, that was impossible.

Week 7 – Thinking Outside the Box

It’s creativity week! HOORAY! 😀

Anyway, during week 7 of the Student Blogging Challenge, Miss W.‘s Week 7: Too much work, now have fun post tells participants in her challenge that it’s time to be creative!

This week, I decided to draw a sketch of a character in a book called The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, by Michael Scott.  This character’s name is Perenelle Flamel, the wife of Nicholas Flamel, who is also a sorceress.


My teacher, Mrs. Kelly, recommended that we use PicMonkey, so I tried it out.  I made my picture clearer and brighter.  I even gave it a frame!

I also made the picture at the very beginning of this post.  I used Artpad, a website where you can create drawings using a brush, a bucket of paint, and more!  In my painting, “Let’s Get Creative,” I used a bucket of paint and wrote a message on it.

If you would like to see the process of how I made “Let’s Get Creative,” click here.

Week 6 – Thinking of the Future

During week 6 of the Student Blogging Challenge, Miss W.‘s Week 6: Let’s Work post tells the students involved in the Student Blogging Challenge that they should think about what their ideal jobs would be. In one of my earlier posts, How Reality and Fantasy Differ, I describe two of my ideal jobs.

Finding your “dream job” isn’t usually easy, though. Firemen often work with doctors and nurses, so they usually have some knowledge of medical procedures as well as strength and courage.

Below is a poll discussing which field of employment you would most prefer to work in. If I get at least 10 votes, I will update this post and add the most popular job below it.

What would be your most ideal field of employment?

Administrative/Office (examples: lawyers, real estate agents)

Tradespeople (examples: plumbers, carpenters, painters)

Commerce/Business (examples: retailers, manufacturers)

Agriculture (example: farmers)

Helping Professions (examples: doctors, firemen, teachers)

Create your own poll with LearnMyself

Week 5 – Creativity with Pictures and Videos

During week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge, Miss W.‘s Week 5: Adding Images and Attribution post told students everywhere competing in her challenge to experiment with posting pictures on their blogs.

I decided to put together a kind of slideshow on Animoto, a website where you can upload pictures and videos and add music. This particular one shows things I enjoy. I hope you like it. 🙂

Week 4 – Spread the Word

On Miss W.‘s Week 4: Make it global post, students around the world are encouraged to participate in sharing global issues during Week 4 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

In Congo, About 5.4 million people have died since 1998 as a result of war.

Yet, translating the Word of God, also know as the Bible, into the 223 languages spoken in Congo can heal the trauma that war and suffering has forced upon these people. Currently, the Bible has been translated into 120 of the languages commonly used in Congo, making brighter the lives of many.

But, there are still approximately 103 languages left to translate the Bible into. If you can translate the Bible into a language of Congo, you can increase the amount of people whose lives have been brightened by the Word of God.

The Eastern Congo Group (ECG) has begun to translate the Bible into Congo’s languages. As wycliffe.org explains:

“For some years Eastern Congo Group (ECG) has considered starting a translation training program at the theological school in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo. ECG is now moving this initiative forward with the appointment of Rob McKee to help develop curriculum plans. Pray for guidance. A major question is the security situation—ethnic militias and armed bandits roam the surrounding countryside. A multinational force is working to restore peace, but is relatively small in number, and is facing huge challenges. ‘Only God can bring peace in a situation where there is so much hate, fear, revenge and evil. Pray!'”

Below is TRAUMA HEALING, a video that gives further explanation of mentally healing the people of Congo.

Thank you, Miss W. and Mrs. Kelly for inspiring my classmates and me to help others in need! 😀

Sources: Kouya Chronicle – The Bible and Hunger, Wycliffe – Home > Go > TestimoniesYoutube – TRAUMA HEALING

When will these horrific tragedies end?